We all love having our homes decorated for the holidays. We host parties, cook all the holiday treats and many of us travel to see loved ones. But what about our furry friends at holiday time.

Here are some tips you need to keep in mind this holiday season to keep your dog safe.

Holiday Decorations

holiday pet safety christmas tree

A Christmas Tree can be very dangerous for your dogs. Be sure that your tree is secure in its stand as a falling tree could injure your dog. You must also be careful with the tree water. Stagnant water in a tree stand can contain bacteria or fertilizers that could cause your dog to develop nausea and diarrhea.

If you put tinsel on your tree, be sure to keep it away from your dog. If ingested, tinsel can lead to obstructions of the digestive tract and even require surgical intervention.

Seasonal plants like mistletoe, holly and lilacs can make dog ill as well. While they may not be as festive, consider artificial plants made from silk or plastic to avoid the risk of a sick dog.

Lights and ornaments are always a popular choice for decorating your home, but they need to be kept out of reach for your dog. Wires and batteries can be dangerous for kids and dogs alike. Wires have the possibility of a lethal electric shock and batteries can cause burns in the mouth and digestive tract if swallowed. Glass and plastic ornaments can also cause damage to a dog’s mouth or stomach.

Holiday Food 

holiday pet safety christmas food

As a dog owner, you should already know that your dog should not be allowed to eat chocolate or any food containing xylitol. You also know how crafty your dog can be when it comes to finding food. Be sure to keep your dog away from food tables and secure any trash bags or cans.

Unattended leftovers and alcoholic drinks will be a tempting target for your dog. If you dog ingests too much alcohol, they could become ill, or it can even become fatal.

If you are looking to have holiday treats for your dog, there are a ton of options. Check out our previous article, 5 Holiday Treats For Your Dog, to get some great ideas.

Holiday Gatherings

holiday pet safety christmas party
Some dogs can get overwhelmed very quickly at parties. It’s always a good idea to have a room or a space where they can get away from the crowd. New Year’s poppers and fireworks can scare your dog and even cause issues with their sensitive ears. Be sure to let your guests no what the rules are about feeding your dog. It’s hard to resist those puppy dog eyes staring at your bacon-wrapped smokies. It’s important to let everyone know that your dog has his own food and treats and doesn’t need anyone else’s.

Have a Happy Holiday Season

holiday pet safety the dog nest
The holidays are so much fun and there is no reason your dog can’t enjoy them just as much as you. Keep these tips in mind this year and keep your dog safe for years to come. Have an incredible holiday season from all of us at The Dog Nest.