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Here at The Dog Nest We have several dog trainers on staff (over 30 years of experience) and some are working towards becoming certified dog trainers.

We now have private training for you and your dog.

Beginning in spring of 2021 we will be offering 6 week classes for puppies and for obedience training for you and your dog.

More advanced classes will be coming. Call us today to learn more!

dog training brookfield wi
dog training brookfield wi

6-Week Classes


Private Training


(with Daycare Admission)

Daycare Training Packages

1 Week – $150
1 Month – $450
2 Months – $800

These packages are in addition to daycare admission. Your dog will be trained during the day while they are in daycare. As many days as they come to daycare they will get trained: for instance if you buy a 1 month package for training that includes 20 days of training if your dog comes to day care each of those days. Many clients will bring their dog 2 to 5 days a week. We recommend minimum of 2x a week so that your pup retains the learning.

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